Honeypot Services

The scalable solution for ANY business needs.

Honeypot Services: Up Close

Honeypots are unconfigured devices with the ability to join a company's information technology environment to potentially provide intruders a trap to stumble into. But at Big Bend HD we leverage our subject matter expert's uniquely applicable experience and certifications (to see a full list of our certications and affiliations, visit the About Us page) to seamlessly integrate our CONFIGURED honeypots with our client's environments to protect their highly-valuable resources. These cutting-edge defense tactics are configured, deployed, updated, maintained, and managed by Big Bend HD for the convenience of our clients.

KNOW when something is wrong.

Intrusion Detection Technology

Our technology replaces the overwhelming number of potential security event alerts that sometimes get ignored. We provide a highly accurate, early-warning system for authenticated security events that enables our clients to quickly identify, contain, and evict the bad actor from their environment.

Automatic Benefits of Integration:



  • High-value resource protection
  • Authenticated Event Alerts
  • Validates internal security controls (Firewall penetration, SEIM's, etc.)
  • Automatic alert logging and documentation
  • Complimentary Configuration, Deployment, Maintenance, and Updates


  • Visible Company Commitment to protection
  • Verifies internal security controls (access management, account verification, etc.)
  • Valuable economic investment with high-visibilty of company compliance standards as a CIS supporter



  • Ransomware and malware detection spread throughout the environments
  • Validates security controls (Firewall, Active Directory Monitoring, SEIM, etc.)
  • Alert logging and documentation included with custom escalation alert pathways


  • Company commitment to employee and customer cyber-protection
  • Discourage attackers by promoting a secure, prepared environment
  • Regulatory compliance for intrusion detection on multiple scales