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Who We Are:

Our team: Up Close


CEO and Founder - Gary Laramore

"I believe that choosing to do the right thing for both others and yourself, no matter how hard of a choice it might be, is the true measurement of success."

Big Bend HD Consulting was founded on the belief that doing the right thing matters. With more than 25 years of education based management and leadership experience, I have seen firsthand the impact that all decisions have on students, employees, and businesses. Here at Big Bend HD, we are focused on helping our clients make the right decisions for all of THEIR STAKEHOLDERS needs, not the market's.


Our Team from 20,000 ft.


Our consulting team is comprised of various subject matter experts with widely diverse backgrounds who have come together to provide a cybersecurity solution that is affordable, effective, and efficient to clients in need. Our technology and processes are designed to be intergratible with almost any environment allowing us to COLLECTIVELY increase the security and confidence of our clients.

Affiliations and Certifications:

  • CIS Control Supporter
  • NIST CSF Control Supporter (pending)
  • AWS Cloud Certifications (various)
  • Microsoft Azure Certifications (various)
  • CISA
  • More information available

Let's start building OUR security journey TOGETHER today.