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Cybersecurity Laws Are Changing

Are You Prepared?

Beginning in 2023, you MUST protect your client's financial data or you could face large fines and corrective action plans from the FTC.

Learn More About The New FTC Safeguards Rules

FTC Safeguards

MUST maintain a qualified Information Security Director.

MUST perform and maintain a credible Risk Assessment.

MUST respond to identified risks.

MUST design your safeguards program.

MUST monitor and test your safeguards.

MUST train your staff.

Your Information Security Director
MUST report to your Board of Directors.

Our Security Solutions

☑️ We provide you a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer / Director.

☑️ We perform a credible Risk Assessment for your company.

☑️ We provide you with a risk remediation management plan and oversee the response.

☑️ We custom design your cybersecurity plan. (Charter, Mission Statement, Multi-Year Plan)

☑️ We provide continuous testing, monitoring, and 24/7 on-demand access to our experts.

☑️ We provide in-person, in-depth training for your workforce.

☑️ We provide executive-level annual and monthly reporting services.