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Specializing in FTC Safeguards Compliance

New Deadline for FTC Compliance: June 9, 2023

Who Must Comply?

The Federal Trade Commission has defined non-banking Financial Institutions covered by the Safeguards Rule to include entities such as:

Mortgage Brokers
Motor Vehicle Dealers
Payday Lenders

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When it comes to the ever-evolving terrain of cybersecurity we are a foundational resource for our clients. Big Bend's specialized tool and services allow us to work closely with our clients to protect their highly-valued resources. Through building personal relationships we can provide flexible solutions that directly address our client's IMMEDIATE needs instead of their POTENTIAL needs.

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"60% of small to medium sized businesses fold within 6 months of a Cyber Attack."

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Our consulting team is comprised of various subject matter experts with widely diverse backgrounds who have come together to provide a cybersecurity solution that is affordable, effective, and efficient to clients in need. In an over-saturated market with wonderful tools that
MIGHT help your company, we focus on implementing our tools that WILL help your company, immediately. Check out our Honeypot Services or Cyber Lure page to learn more.